My Star Wars Story

Be the first to email the correct answers to all 21 of these questions about recent My Star Wars Story episodes to and you will win a hardcover copy of Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne!


No one has yet submitted all 21 correct answers to our 21 Questions MSWS Mega Quiz! Get moving and get your answers in. The first one to send all 21 correct answers to will win a hardcover copy of Heir to the Jedi by Kevin Hearne! Here are the questions:


1.Where did Justin Bolger first see the hardcover of Heir to the Empire?

  1. What game did Riley Blanton make up as a child based on Jango Fett in Episode II?
  2. What is Teresa Delgado’s 2nd favorite Star Wars film (as of the release of her episode of MSWS)?
  3. What was the first Star Wars movie Anthony Breznican saw at the theater?
  4. What did Jimmy Mac tell his father the main villain’s name was?

6.What was the first question Paul Hermann asked George Lucas when he wrote a letter to Lucas?

  1. Where did Anthony Breznican interview Harrison Ford?
  2. What vehicle did Justin Bolger buy first from the Power of the Force 2 toy line?
  3. What was the first podcast Riley Blanton auditioned to be the co-host of?
  4. What character in The Phantom Menace struck Teresa Delgado the most?
  5. A neighborhood kid provoked young Anthony Breznican’s ire by pretending to be what Star Wars character?
  6. Who sent Paul Hermann a postcard from Dark Horse Comics?

13.What was the first podcast Justin Bolger heard?

  1. What was Riley Blanton’s podcast forerunner to the Star Wars Report?
  2. How many chapters of Heir to the Empire did Paul Hermann read for a book report?
  3. What is the name of Teresa Delgado’s blog?
  4. Where did Paul Hermann first see Heir to the Empire?
  5. Jimmy Mac’s first Star Wars collectible was a Wonder Bread insert. What character was on that card?
  6. With whom did Anthony Breznican first watch the original TFA teaser?
  7. What collectible do Jimmy Mac and his brother still fight about?
  8. Who was the first female Star Wars character Paul Hermann could relate to?
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